"If I wanted an item that has rarity value I would look for things with ebony or brass in them and made by a quality maker"


All the pictures below are items which I have owned and have recently been sold.

They can all be seen as a larger image - simply click on the picture you want to see and it will open up in a new window

A 19th century Firemans axe made by the American Axe and Tool company Buck and Hickman Ltd



A nice example of a gouge by Spear and Jackson, blade made from cast steel. Stamped on the blade next to the handle.



A selection of four woodworking gouges, handles all stamped by the owner, one manufactured by Marples.



Nine wood working chisels and eight gouges by various makers. All stamped by the owners (various).



Spoke shave with wooden handles made by the Cincinnati Tool Company, Ohio. From around the late 1800's, early 1900's.



Stanley no 36 Transitional smoothing plane. Complete with stanley iron and wooden bottom, handle and knob. Rare.



Bullnose rabbet plane no 1363 by Edward Preston, the body marked RD 372095, lever caps marked E.P.



Record no 076 bull-nose rabbet plane manufactured from 1933 - 1976 complete with tungsten steel cutter.



Record no 071 router plane, with blue japanning finish. Beech handles and still with original Record label.



Record no A151 spoke shave with blue japanning finish and adjustable blade for depth of cut and allignment.



A selection of four wooden spokeshaves. No marks however they are similar to ones made by Marples in the late 1800's.



Four squares (tri and mitre) with brass and ebony handles. Popular square makers were A. Matheisons and also Stanley.



Stanley no 3 smoothing plane. Probably one of Stanleys most popular planes. Still made and manufactured to this day.



Stanley no 79 side rabbet plane. Earlier types have a semi-circular cutout in the top edge of the casting.



Stanley no 192 rabbet plane manufactured from 1886 to 1962. 8 inches long, made from cast iron with japanned black finish.



Brass backed tenon saw made by W. Tyzack & Sons and Turner Ltd of Sheffield. Probably made mid to late 1800's.



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